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William Marshall Endorsement

William Marshall

William Marshall


Green Party of Canada

I am very pleased to endorse Annamie Paul for Leader of the Green Party of Canada

In June of 1983 - what seems like a very long time ago - myself and four others in British Columbia officially registered the Green Party of Canada.

We had been part of the earlier creation of the Green Party of BC in the spring, and were faced with a by-election in the Mission-Port Moody federal riding. We needed a star candidate and found Betty Nickerson, a great speaker, a passionate Green and a noted author and grandmother. She was up for it, and I became her campaign manager.

Betty was the first candidate to run under the federal Green banner. She ran one more time before bowing out as her husband, Seymour Trieger, became the Green Party’s second leader and continued to build the party in its early days. I have worked on every local campaign ever since.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, as one of the earliest Greens involved in the party, I am endorsing Annamie Paul for the leadership. I see in her many of the same qualities that I discovered in Betty - resourceful, articulate, passionate, eminently qualified and ready for the job. People could see themselves in Betty and more will see themselves in Annamie.

A leader has two faces - one that the public sees and one that the party members see. This means two jobs. The public one is to articulate the Green program and principles that will move us all more safely into the future. The inward one is to find that very difficult piece of middle ground that keeps the most members active and engaged. Negotiation skills, consultation skills, conflict resolution skills - these are things that Annamie has a lifetime of experience doing.

Politics, as the saying goes, is the art of the possible. The Greens have always faced pressure from many sides, within and without. Do This, do That, stand up for This, advocate for That. Draw the line Here, no There. Go fast, go slow. It is no wonder that we face headwinds from within as well as with the public.

I have faith that Annamie Paul can see her way through all of our challenges and make the best of everything we’ve got.

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