Annamie Paul

Dear Neighbours,

I am so proud to be the Green Party of Canada candidate in Toronto Centre.

I admit that I am nervous. Toronto Centre has long been a Liberal fortress, and some say that that is unbreachable. But I promised that I would not turn my back on our community, and I won’t. So, while some have said this is not the safest choice, I know it is the right one. As the saying goes: “I stick, and I stays”.

I was born in Toronto Centre. This is where my mother and grandmother began their working lives as public servants, and it is where I want to begin my service as your Member of Parliament. This community deserves real representation, and I want to offer that, now, and in the next election.

So many Toronto Centre residents have been hit hard during this pandemic. Many are in precarious jobs, often in essential work. The community has lost many members to COVID-19 in long-term care. Some neighbourhoods have experienced COVID-19 infection rates triple those of neighbouring communities. Opioid overdoses have spiked -Toronto Public Health reported a record number of overdose deaths in December - and our community had the highest number.

But Toronto Centre is proud, generous, and resilient. Faced with these challenges, so many people have stepped up to support their neighbours. As I walk through the community, I am so inspired by how much our community does to care for each other. You can see it in the community gardens, the annual festivals, the small businesses, and the neighbourhood associations. Our community is doing all that it can for itself; we just need a little help, and it’s time we had that help.

So, when is that help coming? Across Toronto, and in our community, too many things are being left unsaid and undone. For a city that is 100% represented by the party in government, it should not have to struggle so hard to have its concerns heard and responded to.

Toronto Centre needs a fearless champion in Ottawa; one who can say what must be said, and do what must be done, for residents without hesitation.

A champion who will say “there is an opioid epidemic ravaging our community” and have the courage to call for decriminalisation and a safe supply.

A champion who will say “there is a humanitarian crisis in our long-term care homes, and we are losing community members” and put forward an urgent action plan.

A champion who will say “we have a housing crisis,” and put forward a national housing strategy that actually works for our community.

A champion who will say “our planet is warming, and we have the chance of a lifetime to turn the corner” and who will propose an ambitious and actionable climate plan.

A champion who will say “our historical buildings are part of our identity and deserve protection” and will work with the community to save the Foundry from demolition.

As Leader of the Green Party of Canada, I can be that champion for Toronto Centre.  

In the 2020 by-election, so many Toronto Centre residents took a leap of faith by voting Green. I asked them to “Be Daring” and to vote for the positive change they wanted to see - and so many did. I am going to repay that trust, and take the leap again - if you can be daring, so can I.

And so, here we go! I look forward to greeting you in the streets of our neighbourhood, and to sharing our hopes for the future of our community. Let’s be daring together once more.

It's time to strike out in a New Direction

We are in need of leadership that offers a positive, progressive, and compelling vision about how we will repair the social and economic damage brought by the pandemic.

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