Meet the Team

Adam Sommerfeld

adam sommerfeld

Adam is a graphic designer who has worked in media and artistic organizations in Canada and Europe, including The Globe and Mail, Design Exchange and the Paris Conservatory. A graduate of Concordia University, Adam is passionate about the arts and design. He approaches politics as a creative and collaborative process that must engage citizens at the local level. A resident of the Gay Village in Toronto where he has lived with his partner since 2016, Adam proudly wore the colors of the Green Party in the 2018 provincial elections in his riding. He is currently the Green Party of Ontario spokesperson for Francophone affairs. A member of the Green Party since 2000, Adam has already run for office in federal and provincial elections. He has also served on the Young Green Council and has campaigned in several campaigns. He believes in a collaborative and civic approach to politics.

Adrian Currie

adrian currie

Adrian Currie joined the Green Party in 2009, and, since then, has worked on every GPO & GPC campaign in the riding of St. Paul's in Toronto. He has also worked on campaigns in other Toronto EDAs, including on Annamie Paul’s and Sarah Climenhaga’s in the 2019 federal campaign. Adrian is an environmentalist and was a member of the Community Bicycle Network until its closure in 2018, and was the Chair of the Board for many years. He presently sit on the Board of Directors of Cycle Toronto and has been the VP for two years. Adrian is fluent in French and reads Spanish and Italian. He has a BA in Economics and a BA in History, both from McGill University.



Breezy is a second year Political Science studying at York University. She is fluent in both English and Tamil. While in high school in Qatar, Breezy and her classmates founded and established a Charity to fund various organizations, most notably the Qatar Cancer Society. Supporting initiatives that aim to create a positive change has always been important to Breezy.

Christina Porter

christina porter

Christina ran as a candidate for the Green Party of Canada in the 2019 election in the Mississauga-Malton riding. She is an IT professional with a degree from the School of Management at Ryerson University. Christina has a passion for environmental action, and is a member of several activist groups, and encourages climate action wherever possible.

Cynthia Trentelman

cynthia trentleman

Politics has been an interest for many years for Cynthia. After AOC (USA congress woman) won a seat, Cynthia's friend encouraged her to run herself. Cynthia started out as a volunteer for the campaign of Mike Morris of Kitchener-Centre and her passion led her to become the Green Party of Canada's 2019 candidate for Mississauga-Lakeshore. She was able to increase her votes to 10% in the subdivisions of her riding in which she canvassed and increased the overall results for the GPC on election day. Being francophone, Cynthia was also able to connect with French speaking individuals in her riding who are often forgotten. She hopes to one day be able to show they were not wrong to place their faith in her, by continuing to put her energy into making Canada the country it ought to be.

Darcy Higgins

darcy higgins

Darcy Higgins is a Master community builder creating social resilience in the face of climate change. He has spent years changing policy, building local food movements and advising politicians at all levels. He co-directs Building Roots, an innovative social venture that enables people to create socially cohesive communities. Darcy joined the Green Party in Sarnia in 2002, and went on to start the University of Waterloo Greens, help launch the Young Greens of Canada, support Elizabeth May's run for leader and manage an election campaign for Mike Schreiner.



Hannah is a Toronto based environmentalist, cook, and food security advocate. Her passions are organic food and urban farming. She has been volunteering with the green party for over two years and ran as the Davenport green party candidate in the 2019 federal election. Hannah is currently the young greens co-chair for Ontario and a member of the Davenport EDA executives.

James Mihaychuk

james mihaychuk

A member of the Green Party of Canada since 2007, James has invested most of his volunteer energies over the past decade helping with local campaigns. He has volunteered with more than a dozen election campaigns. One of these campaigns was his own, when James served as the Green Party of Ontario (GPO) candidate in Ottawa South in 2011, losing to former Premier Dalton McGuinty. James also served as one of the Eastern Ontario representatives on the GPO Provincial Executive (PE) from 2017-2019. His time on PE coincided with the historic 2018 election campaign of Mike Schreiner, MPP for Guelph, the first Green elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

James occasionally makes public presentations on behalf of the Climate Reality Project Canada, having been trained by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore during the 2015 Pan-Am Games summit in Toronto. He invests locally in green energy as a member of both the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative (OREC) and its sister co-op for energy efficiency retrofits, CoEnergy. An active member of Toastmasters International, James has also volunteered with Ecology Ottawa, Ottawa Riverkeeper, Share the Road, Soup Sisters/Broth Brothers, SouthEnd Minor Hockey, and the Ottawa Internationals Soccer Club.

Originally from Manitoba, James earned his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Toronto in 1998, specializing in laser physics. Since then he has worked in hi-tech, moving from Waterloo to Ottawa in 2000, and gradually shifting from R&D to product management. He and his wife have two adult sons.

Jane Adams

jane adams

Jane is a community developer and facilitator specializing in Appreciative Inquiry and Solution Focused Problem Solving. She worked previously as Director of Communications for the Pay Equity Commission in the Ontario Ministry of Labour and as a pay equity advocate and trainer. Jane has been an organizational development consultant with public interest organizations, particularly women-dominated workplaces. She has also worked as a Policy Assistant to the Minister for Women’s Issues and the Attorney General and as a Union Organizer. Most of importantly, she is a painter!

Jessica Hamilton

jessica hamilton

Jessica Hamilton lives in Toronto with her husband and two children. Jessica spent her early life as a fierce and driven competitor. She attended University on a full athletic soccer scholarship, achieving a Bachelors of Science in Psychology.  After returning home to Scarborough from school, she continued her education with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which has led her to her current role as a public servant with the Ontario Autism Program. Jessica ran most recently as the candidate for the Green Party in her home riding of Scarborough Rouge-Park. Jessica is passionate about creating a Canada that is equitable for all.

Jocelyn Grosse

jocelyn grosse

Like many Albertans, Jocelyn grew up enjoying nature, spending a great deal of her time in the forest by Fish Creek Provincial Park. She has worked as a teacher in multiple schools in Calgary, as a reference assistant and program facilitator at public libraries. Jocelyn has also volunteered in wildlife rehabilitation, and from that experience has a passion in particular for wildlife conservation. She was the Green Party of Canada’s candidate for Calgary Nose Hill in the 2019 federal election.



Jonas is a grade 10 student fluent in Spanish, French and Catalan and proficient in German, Mandarin and Portuguese. He has been involved with the Green Party since 2019, including in Annamie's 2019 Federal campaign in Toronto Centre.

Jordan Bober

jordan bober.

Jordan Bober first got hooked on Green politics and campaigning while living in Vancouver in 2011, when he volunteered on the campaign that elected Adriane Carr as Vancouver's first Green city councillor. Since then, Jordan has managed Green campaigns and worked and volunteered in Green parties at the federal, provincial and municipal levels, from coast to coast. In 2016, Jordan moved from BC to Prince Edward Island, where he managed the 2019 campaign that resulted in the PEI Greens forming the first Green Official Opposition in Canada. He currently serves as Executive Director of the Green Party of PEI.



Kayne is a second year Sociology Honours student at York University. Kayne is the Vice President of the Sociology Undergraduate Students Association, and worked with many community organizations such as Youth Without Shelter, Planned Parenthood and Toronto City Council as a result. To Kayne, the most important thing is ensuring that the disenfranchised, those who cannot afford rent, those who are struggling to find jobs in this current economy, those who fear for our economic future, are recognized, heard and helped. Kayne has also been involved in various campaigns.



Khadijah Salawu is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist, producer, writer, designer and community organizer. She is Head of Development at Emancipation Arts an award-winning multi-platform production company committed to bringing grassroots stories to the world stage. She holds a HBA in Drama, Theatre and Performance from the University of Toronto, a Graduate Certificate in Creative Book Publishing from Humber, two Certificates in DJ and Beatmaking and in Graphic Design and Web Development at UforChange and is an Arts Educator at Soulpepper Theatre.



Kiara is a Carleton University student where she helped co-found CU Greens. As the former President of UNICEF Carleton (and formerly Director of Finance) and past Vice-Head for Carleton’s Fall Orientation, Kiara has experience organizing and leading large, effective teams. Her experience interning at a centre for people with disabilities helped her further develop advocacy skills and taught her where changes need to begin to be most effective.

Lyndsey Lewis

lyndsey lewis.

Lyndsey is a new but passionate member of the Green Party, having joined just prior to the 2019 election. She volunteered in the Toronto Centre federal campaign.

Lyndsey is a Professional Engineer, and worked for many years as a sustainable building consultant in Toronto prior to co-founding her own sustainable 3D printing company, Reflow, while living in Amsterdam in 2016. She currently works as an Operations Manager at a polar expedition company based in Toronto, and lives in Old Town.



Malachai is a first-year university student at King’s College London (UK) majoring in Politics. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Catalan. He has always made an effort to be active in helping different communities from impoverished children in Colombia, to immigrant families in Barcelona. He has been involved with the Green Party of Canada since early 2019, including in Annamie's 2019 federal campaign in Toronto Centre.



Matei Stoian is a Family Medicine Resident training in North Vancouver where he enjoys hiking and climbing when he is post-call. In addition to graduating from medical school at McMaster University he also holds a BA in Philosophy and a BSc in Psychology both from UBC. He is currently an active member of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) and he enjoys writing about equitable healthcare, climate justice, and effective altruism in his spare time.

Matthew Piggot

matthew piggot

Matthew first got involved with the Green Party in Ottawa Centre in the 2004 federal election. Since then he's been involved locally with Greens in Kitchener Centre and Waterloo Region, Guelph, Peterborough, Toronto and the GTA and wherever Greens have had a chance for a breakthrough (there have been many!) He has held numerous campaign roles (including Campaign Manager), as well as governance roles (including CEO/President of a federal and provincial riding association). In his spare time he has also helped greens and other allies running at the municipal level.

Max Champan

max chapman

Max Chapman was the 2019 Green Party of Canada Candidate for Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing and has lived on Manitoulin Island his whole life. He grew up in Little Current and spent much of his childhood outside fishing, camping, and exploring the natural world of our riding. He is a student in political studies at Queen’s University in Kingston. Max has been an environmental activist and a proponent of conservation and has worked for the YMCA of Northeastern Ontario as a wilderness guide and educator. Max believes that exposing youth to the natural world is a vital part of building a greater understanding of how we can protect our environment.

Michelle Petersen

michelle petersen

Michelle is a franco-ontarian who worked in social services for over 15 years, notably in mental health and with women (womyn if you like?) survivors of sexual violence. This experience fueled her social inequity activism , particularly for women’s rights. Today, she is a self-employed Register Psychotherapist which allows her a better work-family-civic engagement balance as a single mom of a 6 year old.

Ngozi Paul

ngozi paul

Ngozi Paul is an award-winning stage and screen actress, writer, director, and producer. Born and raised in Toronto to pan-African parents from the Caribbean islands, her upbringing created the foundation for her work as a social and cultural innovator.

With academic roots in the prestigious Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre, Ngozi began her acting career on stage at the Stratford Festival of Canada. Most recently, her play The Emancipation of Ms. Lovely—which she penned and in which she starred—was nominated for six Dora awards and won Outstanding New Play.

Paul remains steadfast in her mission to produce innovative, evocative, and compelling content that showcases the diversity of human experience. She has traveled the world extensively, most notably as a global ambassador for Because I’m A Girl and the Steven Lewis Foundation.

Ngozi Paul has received many industry awards, including a Dora Mavor Moore Award, Spotlight Performance Award, a CAB (Canadian Association of Broadcasters) Award, and has been nominated for the Canadian Screen Award Hottest TV Star, the Canadian Screen Award Best Ensemble Cast.



Nick has been involved with the Green Party since he joined the 2019 federal election campaign in Victoria. Since then, he has stayed active in local riding associations at the federal and provincial levels. In his spare time, he is a volunteer advocate for persons with disabilities, and teaches math and science. A graduate from the University of Calgary in Biomedical Sciences, he will be attending law school starting Fall 2020.

Oriana Ngabirano

oriana ngabirano

In 2019, Oriana ran as a candidate in two elections - municipal and federal. Oriana is a proven communicator who applies more than a decade of experience to her social activism and civic engagement efforts in Canada and internationally.

Oriana focuses on the ability of community members from all walks of life to come together to cultivate economic growth, improve social conditions and put in place more sustainable processes that honor our natural world.

Paul Goulet

Paul is a longtime Toronto resident, a senior project director who has worked professionally in every Canadian province plus USA and nearly 30 countries. Last 10 years have focused on environmental compliance practices and corporate/personnel training in sectors such as mining, forestry, bioremediation, and transportation infrastructure. Several decades of community service at the national and provincial levels – in education and church governance – currently focused on developing community gardens projects in Toronto Centre. Earlier in his career Paul was successful PR and advertising executive, and served in various senior political communications roles for Liberals; converted to Greens because of his passion in support of climate change intervention and improved environmental management.

Philip Spidle

philip spidle

Phil began volunteering with the Green Party back in 2001, as a Financial Agent for the Saanich South Constituency Association. Phil worked with the Green Party of Alberta as Office Support in Campaign Headquarters, focusing on the recruitment of candidates for the next election. Phil volunteered as an Office Manager for the Campaigns to Elect Adriane Carr, Surrey-Panama Ridge and Powell River Sunshine Coast, which focused on managing volunteers for canvassing and literature drops as well as running the GOTV initiative. Phil was also a key volunteer in the election of the first Provincial Green Party Representative in Canada during his time as Campaign Co-Chair for the Green Party of BC. Phil began volunteering with the Green Party of Canada in 2004 as a South Island Organizer, focusing on regional organizing and the Campaign to elect Elizabeth May. During his time with the first critical Campaign to Elect Elizabeth May he also volunteered as the National Phone Canvass Coordinator focusing on data management for both foot and phone canvasses as well as GOTV. Most recently Phil worked on the Campaign to Elect Racelle Kooy during the last federal election as Campaign Manager, focusing on the recruitment of high level volunteers and staff as well as liaising with federal staff to achieve goals set out by the national campaign. Phil has also welcomed his beautiful baby Etta into the world this year. Etta is 8 months old and participates in various campaign planning.


Raheem Aman is a Young Green, passionate for politics, advocacy, and business. He graduated from McMaster University where he studied Justice, Political Philosophy and Law and ran as a Green Party Candidate in the 2015 and 2019 federal elections. Raheem fights to get people to participate in the political process, encourages reading, and volunteers with social organisations. He understands that many people are disillusioned by the current state of Canadian politics, or with politics in general. He is working to shift the perception of politicians, the political process, and presents a new vision for Canada and the world-at-large. He hopes to be an advocate for the future of Canada and a sustainable way of life.

Rebecca Wood

rebecca wood

Rebecca Wood is fiercely passionate about social justice, the environment and issues of equality. She is a University of Guelph graduate, successful entrepreneur, and mother of two. She conceptualized and launched Rebecca Wood Photography and has volunteered at Ryerson Community School assisting new immigrant students. Rebecca Wood has worked alongside her community members actively voicing opposition to keep Smart Centres out of Leslieville and volunteering her time as a photographer to various grassroots inclusivity projects such as Dresscode Project and Get In Project.



Sabine has been a member of the GPC since she was 16. She has experience in organizing and governance, having served on the YGC from 2017-2018 and worked on the past two federal elections. During these projects and others such as sitting on the BC Greens Leaders Youth Advisory council, Sabine has had the pleasure of collaborating with young greens who are passionate about changing the world.

Sabrina Hasham

sabrina hasham

Sabrina Hasham is an information technology consultant with clients in health care and financial services. She is also the Founder of CHAYA, a digital health platform which facilitates remote consultations and personalized education for patients and front line caregivers. Sabrina holds an LLM from Osgoode Hall Law School, an MBA from McGill University and is a University of Waterloo Systems Design Engineering grad. Her client list includes the Ontario Telemedicine Network, KO Telemedicine, Health Canada, The Ottawa Hospital, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, McKesson, Canada Health Infoway, CIBC, Citibank, Transamerica Insurance, and the Canadian Space Agency.


sarah buisman

Sarah Buisman is a high school teacher and children’s choir conductor. Sarah works hard to incorporate environmental and indigenous education in the courses that she teaches, and support students in developing their knowledge, critical thinking and research skills in these areas. She has been involved in the Green Party in Guelph, Ontario since 2019.

Sean Manners

sean manners

Sean Manners is a long-time resident and 2019 Green Party Candidate in Beaches East-York. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto in political science and environmental ethics and his Masters in environmental policy at Memorial University in Newfoundland. Sean was a researcher and author of “Canada’s Changing Climate” on the impacts of climate change on Canadian communities for the Government of Canada. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at Memorial University.

Tim Grant

tim grant

Tim Grant is passionate about building a world in which social/eco-justice is front and centre. He lives in downtown Toronto in the riding of University-Rosedale. He was the riding’s federal Green candidate in 2019 and the Green Party of Ontario candidate in the last 3 provincial elections. He serves as the federal party’s critic for Urban Affairs and Housing, and provincial party’s Transportation critic. Over the years, Tim has initiated more than 20 community projects within the riding, most of them while serving as a board member and the Chair of the Harbord Village Residents’ Association. In his professional life, he taught high school for 13 years opposite the Pickering nuclear power plant. Since then, he was the editor and is now the publisher of Green Teacher magazine. During that time, he co-edited 10 books and hosted 85 webinars on a wide variety of environmental education topics.



Troy is a second-year Political Science student at the University of Victoria. An avid hiker and lover of the outdoors, Troy has a dedication to preserve the natural world and a drive to address ongoing social inequalities in Canada and around the world. Born and raised in Edmonton Alberta, he now lives, works, and plays on the west coast with his husband and dog.

Velma Morgan

velma morgan

Velma Morgan has experience creating and implementing policies and programs, including the Pan/Para Pan American Games, the Ontario Immigration Act and Ontario Black History Month. Through her roles in provincial government, she ensured that the voices of marginalized communities were reflected in policies and government’s communications

As Chair of Operation Black Vote Canada, she is the architect of the first ever-Black Community provincial leaders’ debate, Black Women’s Political Summit and Next Generation Political Summit. Other roles include: City of Toronto Canada 150 Committee, Advisor, Jean Augustine Chair in Education, past Chair of Election Readiness, former National Board Member of Equal Voice, Black Experience in Toronto Project; former Board Member of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto, several board positions in the John Brooks Community Scholarship Foundation, advisory board, Innoversity – Roadmap 2030 conference, advisor and planning committee member, GTA Political Summit and the Canadian Centre for Political Leadership.

Velma is the recipient of the John Brooks Community Foundation Scholarship Fund Community Service Award, the TNT Eagles Community Service Award, the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Volunteer Award, the Canadian International Black Women’s Enterprise 100 Black Women to watch 2015 and 100ABC women 2018.


victoria galea

Victoria first started volunteering with the GPC back in 2017 after completing her Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, when she became the CEO of the Hamilton East – Stoney Creek EDA, and soon after became the CEO for Hamilton West – Ancaster – Dundas, her home riding. Victoria recently completed her Master of Arts degree in International Relations, where she was committed to growing the Green Party base, co-creating the McMaster Young Greens. Victoria also recently ran as a candidate for the Green Party in HWAD during the 43rd federal election, doubling the vote hitting 7.4% at 4775 green votes.

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