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April 22

Launching Annamie's Campaign to Win Toronto Centre


Save the Foundry

The Dominion Foundry complex is one of the last surviving remnants of the West Don Lands’ industrial heritage.  Even though these buildings are listed as Heritage Buildings by the City of Toronto, they were scheduled for demolition by the provincial government. without notifying the local City Councillor, or the local MPP.  The land is owned by the province of Ontario, but this does not excuse disregarding the wishes of the community and bypassing local planning. 

I support our community’s effort to preserve this part of our heritage, and I am fully committed to working to save the Foundry from demolition and to respect local planning.

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Toronto Centre By-Election

It was an honour to run in Toronto Centre in the 2019 federal election, and I am looking forward to running again in the by-election. It is the riding that I was born in, where my mother and grandmother worked as a teacher and front-line worker in the hospitals, and where I ran in the 2019 federal election.

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Emancipation Day

Today as we mark Emancipation Day, we call on the Government of Canada to make 2020 the last year that this important event in history of Canada goes unrecognised.

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Democratic Renewal Policy Statement

Our country is living through unprecedented changes. As we steady ourselves to confront a variety of challenges – the climate emergency, global pandemics, workplace automation, artificial intelligence, inequality, and racism – we need to make sure that we are equipped with the best tools. This requires ensuring that the foundations of our democracy are as healthy as possible.

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National Indigenous Peoples Day

Annamie Paul, candidate for leadership of the Green Party of Canada and Racelle Kooy, 2019 Green Party Candidate for Victoria, together issued the following statement:

“Today, as we mark National Indigenous Peoples Day, we celebrate with joy the richness and diversity of Indigenous Peoples. We honour the cultures, traditions, innovation, and leadership of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples.

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The Inconvenient Truth about Civil Disobedience

The theme of this year’s Black History Month is “Canadians of African Descent: Going forward, guided by the past”. It is a time when Black Canadians reflect on how far we have come, and how far we still need to go. As this year’s celebrations draw to a close, I cannot help but see the parallels between my people’s history and that of Indigenous Peoples.

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Climate Statement by Annamie Paul

TORONTO - This week, citizens in over 150 countries have joined the historic Global Climate Strike to demand immediate action on the Climate Emergency. I stand firmly with the young people leading this movement, and will be joining them in Toronto this Friday.

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