Sean Yo

Sean Yo

Winning Ontario Campaign Manager

Sean Yo is a Software Product Leader, based out of the Waterloo Tech Region in Canada. He worked in the public and private sector, from large enterprises to tech startups. He has managed enterprise infrastructure, shipped software to more than 15 million users, worked with global brands and helped create technical standards for the EdTech industry.

Sean is a champion for digital accessibility, diversity in STEM and the power of technology to transform education. As a practicing educator for more than 20 years, Sean has designed, developed and delivered technical, product management and leadership training. He is currently teaching at a local polytechnic institute.

Sean volunteers as the public speaking coach for a 4000+ member tech meetup in the GTA, Product Exec-In-Residence for pre-seed start-up accelerator program, serves on the board of an international not-for-profit dedicated to the eradication of AIDS, is the Event Director for a local charity walk for the homeless, hungry and hurting and is a member of a local service club where he helps lead their Marketing team and their annual Charity Hockey event.

Hi, my name is Sean Yo. As the manager of the historic campaign that elected the first Green Party member to provincial parliament in Ontario’s history, I am excited and proud to share my support for Annamie Paul as our next federal leader. 

I see the Green Party at a very unique and important moment in our history. We’ve seen decades of our ideas cross-pollinate across the political spectrum and be adopted as forward, leading legislation such as legalization of cannabis, equal marriage (vs gay marriage), and cleaning up orphan oil wells and of course addressing the climate crisis. In recent years we’ve made huge strides, winning more seats provincially and federally than ever before and seeing our popular support almost double and swell to more than a million Canadians voting their hearts and daring for a better future for all. 

We have captured the imagination of Canadians. We are at the table in news coverage and we have a seat at debates. Our candidates make headlines and inspire thousands and thousands of grassroots volunteers to work long days to fight for change in our system and our country. We stand on a foundation built by those who come before us in the Green movement and we are profoundly grateful for their work. 

The Green Party is about doing politics differently - putting aside partisanship and the business-as-usual work of politics that serve the few over the rest of us. We are seeing inspiring success in this work. And we need to do more. We need to take the momentum we have built and accelerate it to win more seats, elect more Green representatives across Canada so we can get to the urgent work of building an inclusive and caring society that will endure for generations, protecting the people and places we love for today and tomorrow. 

I know Annamie Paul is the best choice to lead that party. She is the best choice because she brings powerful and authentic values of inclusion, compassion and justice to all of her work. She is the best choice because, in an age when disinformation and toxic media prevail, she has the expertise to lead with the evidence-based policy that we need to make sense of our increasingly complex world. She is the best choice because, during a time we are confronting our history of and our existing oppression black, indigenous and people of colour, she brings the lived experience of systemic oppression to her understanding as a leader. 

Annamie Paul has the experience, knowledge, values and determination to build a better Canada, one where we will be stronger together through our diversity and difference through which we build on the common ground of our values of inclusion, compassion, hard work and getting the job done. We have some very hard conversations ahead of us and Annamie understands how to have those conversations, how to include everyone who wished to participate and how to ensure we can find a path to recognition, renewal and reconciliation. Annamie isn’t the sort of leader who is looking for a fight and celebrates the defeat of opponents. Annamie is the sort of leader who is looking for collaboration and celebrates the forging of new alliances. We cannot let past behaviour be a life sentence - if we do we will never be able to escape the burden of our past, as individuals, as communities, as a nation. 

I am profoundly grateful to have a candidate like Annamie to support. Earlier, I had decided to not involve myself in this leadership campaign - telling myself that my focus is winning elections. That changed after I reflected on what the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent anguish and protests meant. As a person of colour and the child of an immigrant, I see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make significant progress on racial inequity and justice in policing. We’ve been waiting 65 years since Rosa Parks decided to risk the consequences of defying an unjust system to honour her work by continuing the work of fighting systemic racial oppression. I know that this is not an opportunity I will get to see again in my lifetime and that is why I am choosing to stand up, roll up my sleeves and get involved. 

Annamie Paul is the best candidate for the next leader of the Green Party of Canada and I have every confidence that she will lead our party to real change, election victories and a better Canada for all - today, tomorrow and generations to come. 

I dare to dream of a Canada where racial difference is embraced and celebrated. I dare to dream of a Canada that has the courage to face our past and make amends.  I dare to dream of a Canada which is compassionate and inclusive while building great jobs on a fair and clean economy. 

I dare to dream of Annamie Paul as our Prime Minister. 

We need you to make this dream come true. I invite you to join me in supporting Annamie Paul as the Leader of the Green Party of Canada and share your time, talent and treasure with her campaign in this leadership race and her work as our next leader. Daring dreams are the beginning. Now is the time for the hard work of being the change we wish to see in the world. That change is hard work and we can only do it with your help to build the Canada we want to live in.

My endorsement is mine alone. While I have worked with many campaigns and candidates, this endorsement is exclusively by and from me.

Let's make Annamie Paul the next

Toronto Centre MP

By-election on October 26th

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