Save the Foundry

Dear Neighbours,

Historical buildings are part of their community’s identity. They tell the story of who we have been across time, and what we have done over the generations. They help us to mark the milestones of our neighbourhoods’ evolution.  They are a kind of collective fingerprint, and they deserve protection.

The Dominion Foundry complex is one of the last surviving remnants of the West Don Lands’ industrial heritage.  Even though these buildings are listed as Heritage Buildings by the City of Toronto, they were scheduled for demolition by the provincial government. without notifying the local City Councillor, or the local MPP.  The land is owned by the province of Ontario, but this does not excuse disregarding the wishes of the community and bypassing local planning. 

Thanks to the dedicated work of the community, including the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, a temporary halt to the demolition on the Foundry site has been secured.

There’s a study under way to assess the feasibility of turning The Foundry into an arts and community complex. We have seen this done so successfully in other parts of Toronto, such as the Wychwood Barns, and we know the transformative impact these projects can have.

The fight to save The Foundry continues. On February 26, there will be a full hearing of the case before a panel of three judges.

I support our community’s effort to preserve this part of our heritage, and I am fully committed to working to save the Foundry from demolition and to respect local planning.

I have made a donation to Friends of the Foundry and their Legal Fund and I hope you will too.

Raise your voice to Save the Foundry!

Annamie Paul
Leader of the Green Party

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