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September 18

What to do about Climate Change? Green Party of Canada Leadership Debate

Phil Desrosiers

Phil Desrosiers

Long-time Green Campaigner


I proudly endorse Annamie Paul for the Leader of the Green Party of Canada.

The Green movement in Canada has made remarkable progress in the time I have been a member. We need a leader to build on those achievements and to continue to stand up for a livable future, justice for all Canadians and bring hope for our nation's politics.

Annamie Paul has demonstrated her exceptional leadership abilities as a founder of the Canadian Centre for Political Engagement, the Barcelona International Public Policy Hub and as a champion of justice as a human right lawyer. Developing evidence based policy and lending her talent in international delegations, she has the right experience to bring real change and electoral victories for the Green party.

Annamie Paul is the right choice to lead the Green party of Canada. She has the wisdom to set aside partisanship to focus on building allies we need to tackle climate change while securing an inclusive and prosperous future for Canadians. She has worked tirelessly to defend and uplift diverse voices in a time when we need to bring hope to our politics and defend democracy.

As a candidate for the GPC leadership, Annamie Paul’s campaign has already mobilised a tremendous pool of talented individuals to her team and her candidacy has sparked incredible excitement. Canada needs leadership that brings together diversity with innovative social reforms, evidence based policy and building a participatory democracy, I see that leadership in Annamie Paul. We stand at an important crossroads in the history of our party and our country, I would encourage you to join me in supporting Annamie Pauls’s vision and candidacy for the leader of the Green party of Canada.

Voting begins on September 26th.

Will you vote for Annamie for leader of the Green Party of Canada?

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