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Add your name: End Police Street Checks

As leader of the Green Party of Canada, I will fight to ensure that the racist practice of carding is ended. I need your support to ensure action on this urgent issue.

We, the undersigned, are calling on police services across Canada to immediately ban police street checks.

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Add your name: End the anti-scientific, homophobic Blood Ban

To HEMA Quec, Health Canada, and Canadian Blood Services:

We cannot allow fear and hate to stand in the way of public health. Canada deserves evidence-based policy. A potential second wave of COVID19 infections will require a greater need for blood donations and we can no longer afford to wait. We call on you and the government to immediately remove the 3-month abstinence period imposed on gay and bisexual men and trans women in order to end the anti-scientific, homophobic Blood Ban.

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  • Daniel Lynes
    @Kristi Bee Here, here!
  • Kristi Bee
    Hi! How about this petition: Stop ostensibly progressive parties from discriminating against and silencing their own leaders. Shame on you, Green Party. Voting out Annamie Paul will lose you progressive supporters. I have always voted Green, but your behaviour is embarrassing and shameful. The NDP party is starting to look pretty good to me these days.
  • Lyndsey Lewis