Add your name: Demand a national database on police use-of-force in Canada

Justin Trudeau expressed “shock and horror” over George Floyd’s death - even though racism pervades Canada’s criminal justice system too. But the problem is that we don’t know how deep it goes because Canada does not keep race-based statistics on fatal police incidents. [1]

What little information we have comes from independent researchers - and what they’ve found is horrifying:

  • Black Torontonians are 20X more likely to be shot by police than white residents [2]
  • Over 35% of the people killed by the RCMP from 2007-2017 were Indigenous, despite being only 5% of the population [3]
  • 60% of the victims of fatal police incidents in Manitoba from 2000-2017 were Indigenous [4], despite being only 5% of the population [5]

This needs to change.

We need a national database to track victims of incidents of use-of-force by police, identifying race, ethnic background and other identities - as recommended by the United Nations - so that we can fully understand and address the violent systemic racism in Canadian policing.

As Green Party leader, I will keep fighting until the Canadian government protects Black and Indigenous communities.

Now, more than ever, diverse representation matters. If I become the first Black woman to lead a federal party, it will be a historic first. I have a progressive vision for a better Green Party and ultimately a better Canada. But there are only a few months left in the leadership race, and I need your support.

If we can get thousands of people who share my vision to join me, I can make a real difference as the next Green Party leader. Will you add your name to support my vision for Canada?

Will you add your name?