Canadians in long-term care deserve so much more

End the humanitarian crisis


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  • Daniel Lynes
    Should mandate for care homes (including congregate care homes) that all staff vaccinations be up to date (and if vaccinations are offered to the staff on site that the staff be either required to get them, or risk losing their job — so that someone else that cares more about their charges can take care of them). It’s ridiculous that the staff’s rights are more important than the rights of the residents they swore to protect.

    I work as a contractor at a congregate care home and the current state of affairs just sickens me. The congregate care homes are also used as political footballs. They fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Long Term Care with the province, but for purposes of the pandemic, they’re not classified as long term care residences. What the hell???
  • Lyndsey Lewis