The New Normal Tour: Elizabeth May and Annamie Paul

We now know that our pre-pandemic "Normal" wasn't good enough and left many behind. We need to fight for a "New Normal" that treats all with dignity, achieves greater equality and respects science. So, we're going on (virtual) tour to do just that!

In the New Normal Tour, Elizabeth May and Annamie Paul are "criss-crossing" the country to discuss key topics related to a green recovery.

On the Atlantic leg of the New Normal Tour, we will discuss putting Guaranteed Livable Income at the centre of a Green Recovery.

While Elizabeth is not endorsing any of the leadership candidates, she is supporting the fundraising efforts of equity-seeking candidates, including our campaign. 

Join us to help write the next chapter with Elizabeth May and to raise funds for Annamie's campaign. All are welcome!

May 31 | 18h00
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