Josh Shaddick

Luke Randall

2020 Candidate

New Brunswick Green Party

I discovered that many of the issues that we face aren’t being worked on because we aren’t hearing people. Government finances are in disarray because we haven’t worked with people to include them in our community. We haven’t taken care of the most vulnerable amongst us because too many politicians have been distracted by serving their own interests. So much is possible if we hear people. That’s what I discovered when I ran to be your MLA in Fredericton North.

For too long politicians have told us that we can’t and that it’s not possible. I ran for office because I believe that it is possible. Small businesses can thrive. We can improve healthcare. We can tackle flooding. We can fight systemic racism. We can have housing and have enough food to feed our families. We can value our elders and children as our greatest resources. I got into politics to hear people and to give us a voice.

‘’We Can, We Will, We Must.’’

Annamie Paul believes that we can. She’s given me a voice. I trust her to lead us. Join me in supporting her in becoming the next leader of the Green Party of Canada. Our next Prime Minister needs to hear our voices so that we can work together to heal our nation.

Let's make Annamie Paul the next

Toronto Centre MP

By-election on October 26th

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