Matthew Casselman

Knia Singh

Human Rights lawyer,

2018 Mayoral Candidate

Knia Singh was born in Toronto to parents of Guyanese and Bermudian heritage. He is a recent graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School, Founder & President of Osgoode Society Against Institutional Injustice and was awarded Dean’s Gold Key 2016– for exemplary contribution to the law school community. He is a committee member of invited civilian and senior police officers providing input and recommendations for the improvement of the Toronto Police Force community engagement policy.

Knia is an invited contributor to the ministry of Community Safety and Corrections Consultations – Carding and Street Checks, which provides legal research, social context, and community concerns to the Ministry to ensure safety is a priority while protecting constitutional Charter and human rights in Ontario. In 1993, he was an independent business owner of a hip-hop recording studio, during which he had networked with many youth from within the community who brought to his attention personal issues they faced and social conditions that weren’t quite up to par.

Knia believes everyone is capable of doing well if given the opportunity and the right support. He has been a strident campaigner for the fair treatment of all Torontonians regardless of race or socio-economic background. “For me it’s been all about having a responsible government. It has always been about bridging the gap between the average person and people in power.”

Why I'm Voting Green

This is a message for the community of Toronto Centre in support of Green Party Leader Annamie Paul. You have a chance to be a part of history and elect the new leader of the Federal Green Party to the House of Commons.

Some of us traditionally vote Liberal, NDP or Conservative, but this is not the time for party politics. This is the time to elect the right people who have something to offer to bring the political discussion back to what matters to Canadians. Read the Green Party platform, it is informative, progressive and something all Canadians can support.

By electing Annamie Paul you will ensure that there will be a strong progressive female voice included in national political discussions Annamie Paul will compliment and challenge the existing discourse in Canadian politics and force the other parties to move forward with progressive ideas

By voting for Annamie Paul, you have a chance to ensure that a woman who represents diversity in race, religion and culture has a voice on a national scale, which is what we need in these trying times.

Most importantly Annamie Paul is a skilled competent, intelligent and compassionate, down to earth leader who can be our representative in parliament. Even though I do not live in Toronto Centre your vote will improve life for all Canadians when the Greens are part of the national debate.

On Monday October 26, elect Annamie Paul for Toronto Centre for a fair voice for all Canadians

Let's make Annamie Paul the next

Toronto Centre MP

By-election on October 26th

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