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August 12

Meet Annamie with Hamilton EDAs

James Mihaychuk

Now more than ever, representation matters, competence matters, and authentic connection with voters matters. While the Green Party of Canada is blessed with amazing candidates for the office of Leader, it is clear to me that no other candidate embodies these attributes in the same way that Annamie Paul does. Only Annamie brings with her to public life her experiences as a black girl, woman, mother, lawyer, diplomat, and Green candidate both here in Canada and abroad, in both official languages, among others. Annamie’s call for greater democracy, diversity, and daring will reinvigorate our Green movement at precisely the right moment, as we all face profound challenges for public health, safe and inclusive public spaces, social justices, and a healthy and sustainable planet for all. I don’t want you to simply vote for Annamie. I expect you to show up, tell your friends, donate, and volunteer. Together we can help transform the political conversation in Canada to one that addresses the real-life challenges faced by all Canadians in the communities that they call home.

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