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Annamie Paul

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I am very proud to be running for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada

Why am I running?

Thanks to the example of my mother and grandmother, I learned from an early age that positive change only happens when people commit to making it happen. I am running to lead the Green Party of Canada for the same reasons that I became a member: to offer Canadians leadership that puts people ahead of profit, power and party and offers Canada a real shot at achieving a just, sustainable and democratic society.

Who can we trust to lead us?

Canada is at the dawn of major economic and social transformation. It is an uncertain time, but also one that holds so much promise. Who can Canadians trust to lead us towards this future? The old parties, which concentrate their decision-making in the hands of a small elite; or a young party that understands we are all in it together and actively seeks out the very best ideas and solutions, wherever they may come from?

The Party of Diversity

Diversity is Canada's greatest strength and it’s time to reflect that at our highest levels of leadership. I have spent years working to help us reach that goal, and my campaign will be about attracting diverse faces and voices into politics and into the party: more youth, more equity-seeking peoples, and more regions. In adding these new voices to our remarkable existing membership, Canadians will see all the ways that we can make Canadian politics truly inclusive.

The Party of Democratic Renewal

The old style of “winner takes all”, “take it or leave it” political leadership is not working for Canadians. I am dismayed that so many leaders choose to concentrate all the political power in the hands of their small inner circle, leaving everyone else on the outside. I have no intention of replicating this anti-democratic model, and my leadership style will reflect the Green Party’s: open, democratic and collaborative.

As leader, my job will be to amplify the voices of our members and to support policy that comes from the grassroots. This leadership-style begins with my campaign. Instead of presenting members with a fully-baked manifesto, I plan to crisscross the country, listening to the membership, showcasing new member engagement tools and sharing my own ideas: member-to-member. It’s about demonstrating to Canadians that there is a better way, and that we get better results when politics belongs to all of us.

The Party of Daring

As leader, I will ensure that the Green Party maintains its proud tradition of being daring. We have always operated ahead of the curve. We were the first to call for a ban on asbestos; to call for universal pharmacare; a Guaranteed Liveable Income; cannabis legalization; the carbon tax; equal marriage; and much more. The policies we developed have made it from the margins of politics to the forefront, improving life for Canadians along the way.

While it’s not easy or risk-free to be at the vanguard of public policy, evidence-based innovation is what sets the Green Party apart. As the party that puts people first, the Green Party of Canada must never stop innovating and proposing new ideas to benefit Canadians. We will continue to blaze the trails that the other political parties eventually follow.

Let’s Go!

As our campaign kicks off, I am excited for what is to come and eager to get started. If you are inspired by a vision of the Green Party as the most diverse, democratic and daring political party in Canada, join me and we’ll continue to build it together.

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If you are inspired by a vision of the Green Party of Canada as the most diverse, democratic and daring political party in Canada, join me and we’ll continue to build it together.

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Annamie and Elizabeth May at Toronto Pride 2019

Thank you Elizabeth!

When I was considering joining the Green Party of Canada, I did my due diligence. I knew that I was attracted to the party’s policies, but also wanted to be inspired by its leader. I discovered that the GPC was led by one of the most fearless, tireless, and engaging women I had ever met; so generous and honourable, it was clear why Canadians trusted her more than any other federal leader. As a policy wonk, I was also delighted by the depth and breadth of her public policy knowledge, which is virtually unparalleled in Canadian politics. Elizabeth’s leadership has been so important to our party’s growth; not only in numbers, but in respect and stature. Thanks to her, Canadians can be more hopeful about our chances of creating a just and sustainable society where no one is left behind. Thank you, Elizabeth!