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September 17

Gould and Dalhousie Mainstreeting

Cynthia Trentelman

Politics has been an interest for many years for Cynthia. After AOC (USA congress woman) won a seat, Cynthia's friend encouraged her to run herself. Cynthia started out as a volunteer for the campaign of Mike Morris of Kitchener-Centre and her passion led her to become the Green Party of Canada's 2019 candidate for Mississauga-Lakeshore. She was able to increase her votes to 10% in the subdivisions of her riding in which she canvassed and increased the overall results for the GPC on election day. Being francophone, Cynthia was also able to connect with French speaking individuals in her riding who are often forgotten. She hopes to one day be able to show they were not wrong to place their faith in her, by continuing to put her energy into making Canada the country it ought to be.

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