COVID-19 Protocols

The Green Party Toronto Central By Election is committed to conducting a safe campaign considering the current COVID-19 status, and to respect national, provincial and City of Toronto laws and guidelines, thus minimizing risk to participants and public.

Before Any Event

Participants will be asked if they have:

  • Travelled out of the country within the last 14 days
  • Come into contact with a COVID positive person within last 14 days
  • Have any covid related symptoms:
    • Fever/chills,cough, new shortness of breath, sore throat, change in taste or smell, significant fatigue, pink eye, nasal congestion, upset stomach or diarrhea
  • If any of the above they will be encouraged to stay home, but join with us online

Outdoor Speaking Event

GP staff, volunteers and attendees should maintain social distancing

Placemarkers should be used for 20 attendees at a time to help space people appropriately, leaving 5 places for staff, volunteers and officials, totaling 25 as per provincial outdoor guidelines

volunteers will help usher and coordinate people during the event for safe and efficient movement

see section below and appropriate use of masks and hand sanitizer

Outdoor Door to Door Canvassing

Given the modified Stage 2 COVID response level in GTA and its designation as a Red Zone, our campaign has not and will not be canvassing door to door.

Outdoor Canvasing at Subway

GP staff, volunteers and attendees should maintain social distancing

Others staff and volunteers should use use masks

Optionally, place markers may be used to facilitate staff and volunteer distancing, and create place markers which encourage public to stand at appropriate distances. Judgement will be used according to circumstances.

Hand sanitizers should be used before touching common items

See section below and appropriate use of masks and hand sanitizer

Indoor Activity Guidelines

GP staff, volunteers and attendees should maintain social distancing

A maximum of 10 people should be present as per current provincial guidelines

Social Distancing Guidelines

Standard distancing guidelines mean approximately two metres / 6 feed distance from other people

Brief closer contact, lasting seconds, is appropriate to hand out a flyer, or other short duration action (see use of hand sanitizer below). However, staff and volunteers should not come closer than needed during such an encounter.

Appropriate Use of Masks

All Green Party Staff and volunteers will wear appropriate well fitting masks or face shields during outdoor events

During Indoor events - appropriate appropriate masks will be worn

Indoors, a face shield may be used instead of a mask by the main speaker, if a 4 metre distance is maintained with all other attendees (double the distance of social distancing with masks alone)

Masks and face coverings should be well fitting, and cover both the mouth and nose without significant gaping

Should not be used on children two or under 2 or babies

While wearing mask, avoid touching mouth and nose, but use hand sanitizer if you do touch mouth and nose

Reusable masks are encouraged over disposable items

Appropriate use of hand sanitizer

Should be used if there is any contact of items that others will also touch

Disposable medical gloves are not needed in ordinary circumstances, but should be used if giving handouts to the public

Appropriate non-medical gloves may be used for cold weather, preferably with smooth surface that can accommodate hand sanitizer

Sanitizer may be used over gloves

Hand sanitizer stations should be available for staff, volunteers and public

Appropriate use of Food

GP Staff and volunteers should not share food but rather bring their own prepared food