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September 17

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Anna Keenan

Anna Keenan

2019 Green Candidate


Anna Keenan was the 2019 Green Candidate in Malpeque, PEI, achieving 26% of the vote. She is also the party's Shadow Critic for Democratic Institutions, and is the former President of the PEI Greens.

There was 1 candidate who really stood out to me and excelled in all my criteria for leadership - Annamie Paul.

I think Annamie is the right leader at the right time. I was really impressed with her diplomacy, her calmness, her demeanour. She is cool, she’s collected, she’s calm. She’s also happy and low-drama. She’s successfully demonstrated her ability to hold others accountable and challenge them during this campaign, but without doing it in an overly controversial way. That’s a skill, that diplomacy is what we need, and her professional experience shines through.

Annamie not only brings diverse representation to the party, really putting that front and centre, she also brings international experience and commitment to grassroots democracy. She has experience in democratic practice from the grassroots activist level, all the way up to United Nations diplomacy, so her deep understanding of democratic practice, from all levels, really inspires me very much. Most of all, Annamie inspires me to do better as a representative of our party.

Let's make Annamie Paul the next

Toronto Centre MP

By-election on October 26th

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