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Can we take the lessons learned these past months and use them to create a more resilient, a more just and a more sustainable Canada?

We can, we will, we must. Together.

I am very proud to lead the Green Party of Canada

The Party of Diversity

Diversity is Canada's greatest strength and it’s time to reflect that at our highest levels of leadership. I have spent years working to attract diverse faces and voices into politics. In adding these new voices to our remarkable existing membership, Canadians will see all the ways that we can make Canadian politics truly inclusive.

The Party of Democratic Renewal

The old style of “winner takes all”, “take it or leave it” political leadership is not working for Canadians. My leadership will reflect the Green Party’s: open, democratic and collaborative and it begins with my campaign. It’s about demonstrating to Canadians that there is a better way, and that we get better results when politics belongs to all of us.

The Party of Daring

The Green Party has a proud tradition of being daring. The policies we developed have made it from the margins of politics to the forefront, improving life for Canadians along the way. While it’s not easy or risk-free to be at the vanguard of public policy, evidence-based innovation is what sets the Green Party apart. As the party that puts people first, the Green Party of Canada must never stop innovating.

Let's Go!

As our campaign kicks off, I am excited for what is to come and eager to get started. If you are inspired by a vision of the Green Party as the most diverse, democratic and daring political party in Canada, join me and we’ll continue to build it together.

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